Come By Chance (CBC) Copper-Gold Project

2,000m Drill Program Completed – Results Pending

Target: Potential concealed mineral-bearing intrusive with a porphyry/skarn linkage

The Come By Chance (CBC) property is situated in the Greenwood mining camp, considered to be one of the highest concentrated areas of past producing mines in North America

The Property is located  three  kilometres  to  the  southeast  of  the  former Phoenix  mine and is  on  a comparative geological trend and hosting skarn, epithermal, volcanogenic, and massive sulphide mineralization.

IP Survey

The results of the 2020-21 exploration have identified 5 high priority drill targets which the Company is now planning to drill in Q1 2022.

Belmont Resources - CBC Project - 2022 Drill Holes over Geophysics

Drill Targets Identified for Diamond Drilling:


Surface mineralization coincident with a strong chargeability high.

The Betts occurrence is the site of considerable historic workings, including a 251 m adit which intersected massive sulfide mineralization.   In 2021, high copper values, with elevated gold, were returned from samples collected of mineralization in the dumps of the historic workings (4.75% Cu, 0.676 g/t Au; 2.36% Cu, 0.46g/t Au).  2006 sampling returned values of 4.93% Cu, 0.70g/t Au; 2.15% Cu, 0.33 g/t Au; 1.21% Cu, 0.09 g/t Au.

Epithermal silicification and veining, as well as evidence of volcanogenic massive sulfide mineralization, was encountered in a 1998 drill hole located  approximately 100 m from the adit, making the Betts a compelling target for drilling

Iron Chief

The fall 2020 rock sampling and prospecting program was completed on the property prior to the IP survey.  A highlight of the rock sampling program was the confirmation of high gold values at the Iron Chief occurrence.  Historic workings at the Iron Chief occurrence follow a northeast-trending sulfide-rich quartz vein of unknown width that is spatially associated with a prominent monzonite dyke of similar orientation.   High gold and silver values of 17.05 g/t Au, 619 g/t Ag and  4.86 g/t Au, 280 g/t Ag along with elevated copper, lead and zinc, were returned from select grab samples from the dump of the historic workings.


Lady M

A further highlight of the prospecting program was the discovery of pyrite-chalcopyrite bearing garnet-epidote skarn (the Lady M Zone).  Mineralization is hosted by Triassic Brooklyn Formation limestone and calcareous sediments and is spatially associated with the northeast-trending monzonite dyke present at the Iron Chief occurrence, suggesting a possible common plumbing system between the two zones. Several historic prospect pits were located at the Lady M zone and anomalous gold and copper values were returned from select grab samples collected 3.8 g/t Au, 0.45% Cu; 2.91 g/t Au, 0.06% Cu; 1.41 g/t Au, 1.07% Cu) from skarn samples in this area.

The samples are coincident with an arcuate shaped, east-west trending, stratigraphically controlled, moderate chargeability high at the “Phoenix horizon”.

Hardy Mountain

A 400 m long strong northeast-trending chargeability and resistivity high, with a corresponding mag low signature, located near the Brown’s and Caledonia showings. The geophysical target extends from surface to the depth limit of the survey (300 m). Elevated gold and copper values were returned from rock samples at the Brown’s and Caledonia showings.
18.0 g/t Au, 0.36% Cu; 0.51 g/t Au, 0.93% Cu; 0.62 g/t Au, 1.32% Cu
0.74 g/t Au, 0.57% Cu; 0.18 g/t Au, 1.16% Cu; 0.10 g/t Au, 0.79% Cu

Eagle Mountain

A 700 m long, strong northeast-trending chargeability high, resistivity high, mag low that cross-cuts stratigraphy.  Possible porphyry target.



Prominent Central Feature

The most prominent feature of the IP survey is a large prominent resistivity low in the central part of the property.  Known copper-gold mineralization on the claims coincides with the margins of the large resistivity feature. Further exploration work will be conducted in this area to determine to causation of this feature and its relationship to the surrounding mineralization.

Belmont Resources Properties Map

Belmont Properties
Greenwood-Republic Mining Camp

Belmont Resources CBC property mag survey

Magnetic Survey

Betts IP Sections

CBC IP Survey - Betts IP Section - Chargeability


CBC IP Survey - Betts IP Section - Resistivity


Iron Chief IP Sections

CBC IP Survey - Iron Chief - Chargeability


CBC IP Survey - Iron Chief - Resistivity


Lady M IP Sections

CBC IP Survey - Lady M - Chargeability


CBC IP Survey - Lady M - Resistivity


Hardy Mtn. IP Sections

CBC IP Survey - Hardy Mtn. - Chargeability


CBC IP Survey - Hardy Mtn. - Resistivity


Eagle Mtn. IP Sections

CBC IP Survey - Eagle Mtn. - Chargeability


CBC IP Survey - Eagle Mtn. - Resistivity



Prominent Central Feature