Athelstan-Jackpot (A-J) Gold Project

Surface and Near Surface Bulk Tonnage Gold Prospect

  • Property contains Athelstan and Jackpot past producing gold mines.
    Production: 7,600 ozs Au & 9,000 oz Ag (Minfile 082ESE047).
  • Excellent infrastructure with power, water and highway access.
  • Only 1.5kms from 200 tpd toll mill.
  • Along with the numerous mineralized pits the property contains extensive mine dumps that contain further mineralization.
  • The strike extent of the A-J gold bearing structure is over 1 kilometre

Near Term Production and Revenue Generating Target

Based on sampling of numerous mine dumps and more recent trenching, Belmont is planning testing the material for gold extraction utilizing new and cost effective methods of recovery of gold from whole ores.

In Q1 2022 Belmont is planning to deliver samples to Enrometal Technoligies in Burnaby, British Columbia.

EnviroMetal’s unique formula offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional use of cyanide and smelting and is produced by combining safe FDA-approved ingredients with water.

The leach process is quite simple and typically takes 2 to 24 hours, it operates at ambient temperatures and pressures and typically achieves over 96% recoveries. Gold is recovered from the pregnant solution using conventional electrowinning processes. All reagents and rinse waters are reused providing a near-zero environmental footprint.

Extensive Surface Gold Mineralization

Belmont is investigating the potential for surface and near surface ore zones with economic gold grades.

A further possible source of ore at the surface may be the extensive mine dumps that appear to contain ore grade material. (Arrowhead Resources Surface Dump Sampling report, Grant 1981)

In the report Grant states “A potential resource of 2,000‐5,000 ounces of gold in the surface and near surface mineralized areas appears to exist within the A‐J Group based on previous trenching results and sampling of mine dumps. The identification of one to two areas of ore have been identified having dimensions of 2.0 metres thick, 15 metres in width and 90 metres in length with an average grade of 0.3 opt gold.

AJ Dumps sample table

Mine Dumps Sampling (Grant 1981)


A-J Gold Trend

A-J Trench Results Highlights

2003 Trench Sampling (Caron 2003)

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