Belmont Athelstan Jackpot Gold Project

Drilling Intercepts Second 100+ Meter Long Mineralized Zone Beneath A-J Gold Zone

  • AJ23-06 and AJ23-09 intercept a second mineralized zone of over 100 meters of extensive silicic and phyllic alteration accompanied by widespread sulphide mineralization
  • Mineralization now intersected over 100 metre durations in all four diamond drill holes directly beneath and nearby the Athelstan gold mine.
A-J Drilling - IP Chargeability Section Along Drill Holes AJ23-06 to 09

Watch Latest AJ Video – Nov. 19, 2023

DH AJ23-07 Abundant brittle fracturing and pyrrhotite mineralization in intensely silicic altered plutonic host rock

DH AJ23-07 Abundant brittle fracturing and pyrrhotite mineralization in intensely silicic altered plutonic host rock

“One of the more common classes of ores containing gold is when gold is associated with pyrite, pyrrhotite, and arsenopyrite.”

Belmont Come By Chance Property

Copper-Gold Porphyry Target:
Beyond Gold

  • Just across the #3 highway from our A-J Gold project, the Come By Chance property beckons with its untapped potential.

  • Results from 2022 drilling and geophysical surveys indicate the promise of a large copper-gold porphyry system.

  • Upon completion of the A-J drilling, we’ll be gearing up to direct our focus towards unlocking the riches of Come By Chance, extending our legacy of resource discovery.

Belmont Crackingstone Property

Seizing the Rare Earth Metals Opportunity

  • In the northern expanse of Saskatchewan, our Crackingstone Uranium/REE project has evolved into a Rare Earth Metals juggernaut.

  • The resurgence of interest in these valuable elements has led us to reevaluate our 2008 drill core, revealing the presence of untapped pegmatite riches.

  • Bolstered by the success of neighboring endeavors, our determination to extract these precious resources stands stronger than ever.

  • Our upcoming analysis of pegmatite sections is poised to solidify our position in the thriving Rare Earth Metals market.

Belmont Lone Star Property

Collaborative Prosperity

  • A transcontinental partnership underscores our Lone Star Copper-Gold project in Washington State.

  • Teaming up with an Australian public company, we’ve witnessed a $3.0 million investment in drilling, culminating in a resource declaration that sets the stage for a preliminary economic assessment.

  • As their endeavors bear fruit, our collective success is set to magnify, demonstrating the power of collaboration in harnessing the wealth beneath the earth’s surface.

Belmont Kibby Valley Basin Property

Powering the Future

  • Venture into Nevada’s Kibby Valley Basin, where our Kibby Lithium Property holds the key to a burgeoning lithium revolution.
  • With properties akin to the renowned Clayton Valley, and exclusive water permits secured for the entire basin, we’re primed to contribute to North America’s lithium supply.
  • An Australian public company has already recognized the potential, investing over $3.7 million to earn 80% of their designated area.
  • The discovery of mineralized intervals, boasting remarkable lithium content, fuels our optimism for a lithium-rich tomorrow.
Belmont Kibby Basin -&-Clayton-Valley