Belmont  has assembled a portfolio of highly prospective
copper-gold-rare earths-lithium & uranium projects
located in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Washington and Nevada States.

George Sookochoff, President & CEO “2023 will be a busy year for Belmont with planned exploration programs on all 5 projects.”

Flagship CBC Copper-Gold Project, B.C. (100%)

2022 geophysics and drilling have provided vectors pointing towards a potentially large copper-gold porphyry.

2023 Planned Exploration Program

A 2023 Phase II drill program is planned to drill the potential core of the system. The target is a coincident Mag Low, Resisitivity Low, Chargeability Low

AJ Gold-Silver Project, B.C. (100%)
Gold Extraction From Mine Dumps

2 previous underground mining operations (1900 to 1940) produced 7,600 ozs Au and 9,000 oz Ag. The mining left numerous mine dumps. “If they didn’t see gold then they didn’t mine it.”

A potential resource of 2,000‐5,000 ounces of gold in the surface and near surface mineralized areas appears to exist within the A‐J Group based on previous trenching results and sampling of mine dumps. Mine dumps assayed up to 1oz/t gold.”
*Arrowhead Resources Surface Dump Sampling report, Grant 1981

2023 Planned Exploration Program

Belmont is planning to deliver bulk samples to Envirometal Technologies in Burnaby, British Columbia who have developed a gold leach process that is cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional use of cyanide and smelting. The process typically achieves over 96% recoveries.

Crackingstone Uranium/Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) Project, Sask. (100%)

Where do you explore to find Rare Earth Elements (metals)?

Look where there’s Uranium, Thorium and a host rock called Pegmatite.

  • Some of the highest grade Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) are being discovered in Northern Saskatchewan due to the presence of Uranium, Thorium & Pegmatite.
  • Our Crackingstone project meets the criteria for potentially discovering a large REE’s deposit.
    1. Uranium: High grade uranium sampled throughout the property
    2. Thorium: Airborne geophysics delineated a large Thorium anomaly
    3. Pegmatite: 2008 drilling intercepted pegmatite in 17 of the 20 holes drilled.
    4. Large Pegmatite outcrops on the property.
  • Unfortunately back in 2008 virtually no one heard or cared for REE’s so there was no interest in assaying the pegmatite for REE’s.

What we plan to do:

  • Go back to Uranium City where the 3,000 meters of drill core is stored.
  • Re-log the drill core.
  • Send all pegmatite sections (estimated at 200m of pegmatite) to the lab for REE’s analysis.
  • Also take samples from the pegmatite outcrops and sample for REE’s as well.
Pegmatite outcrop on Crackingstone property (not sampled)

2008 Belmont Geologist studying Crackingstone pegmatite outcrop
(to be assayed)

Kibby Basin Lithium Project, Nevada
(optioned out 10 sq kms block for 80%).
Retain 100% of surrounding 44 sq kms.

MQR has drilled 2 holes for a total of 1,900 meters targeting a deep seated potential lithium brine target.  Results confirmined high levels of lithium-bearing sediments along with dissolved lithium in the groundwater.

MQR has earned its 80% interest by:

– issued $100,000 cash
– incurring $2.5M in exploration
– issued 3 million MQR shares to BEA

2023 Planned Exploration Program
MQR anticipates drilling in Q2 2023.

Kibby & Clayton Valley Basins

Kibby Basin Geophysical Survey & Location Map

Belmont Resources - Kibby Basin Lithium Project Conductive Anomaly

Kibby Basin Section – Highly Conductive Anomaly Target

Lone Star Copper-Gold Project, WA.

2022 JV partner Marquee Resources  drilled 7,000 meters and produced New maiden Mineral Resource: Indicated Resource of 9.7Mt @ 0.62% CuEq and Inferred Resource of 3.5Mt @ 0.45% CuEq. Within the Global Mineral Resource sits a high-grade portion of 1.1Mt @ 2.05% CuEq.

2023 Planned Exploration Program
Option partner Marquee planning to continue drilling and produce PEA which is a final condition to earn their 80% interest.

Belmont Resources Lone Star Pit Section