Crackingstone Property

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In April 2006 International Montoro Resources Inc. and Belmont Resources Inc. signed an agreement to acquire 100% interest in one claim block in northern Saskatchewan.

Based on the release of the results of a 2001 SNRC Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey by the Saskatchewan Geological Survey of the Tazin Lake (Uranium City) area and following the preliminary evaluation on the property by independent consulting geologist, R.A. Bernatchez, P.Eng., additional staking was recommended to the west and north.

Download: 43-101 Report - Crackingstone River-Ruza Property, Saskatchewan

The Companies have now completed the staking of and additional 11,109 hectares adjoining the existing 750 hectare Crackingstone River Property (“Orbit Lake”) located on the north shore of Lake Athabasca and 8 km. SW of Uranium City, Saskatchewan.

Historic work in the area dates back to the 1950’s. From 1953 to 1982, sixteen deposits were brought into production in the Uranium City area. Past production in the area came from four outside occurrences; the Cinch, Lorado, Rix Smitty and Leonard occurrences. The Cinch Lake and Rix Smitty mines produced a total 1,869,000 lbs. of U308.

The magnetic resolution of this area has clearly defined the Crackingstone Fault which is the westerly extension of the St. Louis Fault. The St. Louis Fault is host to the Ace, Fay, Verna, and Bolger deposits. The Cinch Lake Uranium mine is located at the easterly extension of the Crackingstone Fault at its intersection with the north-easterly trending Black Bay Fault.

The Crackingstone Fault extends westerly through the CRR Property and onto the newly staked ground. Two additional north-easterly trending faults, the Spot Lake and Powerline Fault intersects the Crackingstone Fault west of the CRR Property.

18 uranium showings were located on the property as listed and described by Beck (1969). Two previous bulk samples were taken from two showings located on the property. The first was a 46 ton hand sorted bulk sample from the Amax’s 50-CC1-80 showing assaying 0.5% U308. A second 6.5 ton hand sorted bulk sample, was extracted from Mylo’s Lease (Rix #49-CC1-4) assaying 0.5% Uranium. Rix Athabasca Uranium Mines Ltd. reported a grab assay of 12.53% U308 from the Rix #59 showing located in the southwestern portion of the property.

In October 2006 the Companies filed a NI 43-101 Technical Report on the potential of the original 750 hectare property.

Kaput Lake - Spot Lake Fault, Orbit Claims (2007)

Kaput Lake, 65,535 counts per second spectrometer reading - yellow stain (2007)

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